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Hand Deburring

One of our services include hand deburring for custom burr removal over the entire part to most precision of tolerances.


Aluminium, steel forgings, and machine parts are among the many metals we precisely finish to your specifications.

​Internal Deburring

We use borescopes to ensure no burrs are left inside internal passageways. Our precise technique allows the success of the part every single time.

Special Services

In need of a special service? Something no other shop can get right? Give us a try and you'll be happy you did.

Repair Service

Have a part that needs some touch ups? We specialize in fixing pieces that may have been a little damaged during manufacturing or dropped. 

External Deburring, Buffing & Blending

We use a wide range of buffing and blending media. Our techniques allows precise buffing that will not pit nor damage the surface.